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Mar 29, 2017
2h 4m

In the prior courses we learned there are 4 main techniques to secure code: design review, static analysis, manual audit, and dynamic (fuzz) testing. But, once the code is fielded, hackers will begin researching exploits against it. In this course, learn how and why compiled binaries are examined and scoured for weaknesses, and why reversing is also a required malware analysis skill and is sometimes needed for low-level developers working with undocumented APIs. After watching this course you'll be familiar all of the above and with the popular IDA pro tool and how to use it. Download the IDA pro demo to complete the labs.

About the author
About the author

Dr. Jared DeMott is the founder of the security company, Vulnerability Discovery & Analysis (VDA) Labs. DeMott is a former NSA security analyst, Microsoft BlueHat Prize winner, and was the CTO and Binary Defense. He's frequently quoted in media, and invited to speak at security events.

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Hi everyone, my name is Dr. DeMott and welcome to my course on reverse engineering. This is the 4th class in the Security: for hackers and developers learning path. I’m the Founder of code security and ethical hacking company VDA Labs. I’m a long time security researcher, vulnerability, malware, and enterprise security expert. I love teaching and mentoring – so I’m happy to bring you another exciting class.

Did you know that bugs in software costs the economy billions of dollars each year? In this course, we are going to turn the tide as I explain how to protect intellectual property, find vulnerabilities, and analyze malware by learning to reverse engineer with IDA pro and Binary Ninja.

With a hands-on style, we’ll cover topics such as:

  1. Tools and technique basics
  2. Assembly language and calling conventions
  3. Patching binaries
  4. And extending IDA with scripts and plugins
By the end this course, you’ll know how to reverse both C and C++ programs with confidence, which gives you the skill to bug hunt or take apart malware.

Before beginning the course you should take the first 3 classes in the Security: for hackers and developers learning path.

After completing this course, you should feel comfortable with my:
  • Advanced Malware Analysis: Combating Exploit Kits
  • and coming later in 2017 the final Exploit development in the hackers and developers path
I hope you’ll join me on this cyber security journey, with the Security for Hackers and Developers: Reverse Engineeringcourse at Pluralsight.