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July 14, 2016
1h 4m

Have you ever had an assembly that you need to line things up and control movement? This course, SOLIDWORKS - Advanced Mates, will help you learn to use all the more advanced and mechanical mates. You will learn how the mechanical mates simulate real world interactions between moving parts, and you will get to see your design in action. You'll also see how limit mates for distance/angle will allow for controlled movement with ease. When you're finished with this course, you'll not only know how to use these mates, but you will know when to use these mates to control your assemblies for real life solutions to complicated assemblies. Software required: SOLIDWORKS (2016 Preferred).

About the author
About the author

With 10+ years of Design and 9+ years as an Applications Engineer for SOLIDWORKS, Tim Strange specializes in training and troubleshooting SOLIDWORKS. His patient demeanor and excitement to help make him a great asset in assisting others.

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Hi, I am Tim Strange, SOLIDWORKS Applications Engineer with GoEngineer.

If you’ve ever needed your assemblies to do more than the standard mates you’ve been using allow, or have just been curious about mates you’ve not used this Advanced Mates course will give you the answers you’re looking for. You’ll see how to incorporate mate types that will make your assemblies stand out by incorporating life like movement and be more efficient at putting your assemblies together.

In this course you will see how to effectively use the advanced mates and the mechanical mates SOLIDWORKS has to offer. These mates allow movement and alignment options necessary for more complex assemblies.

The Advanced mates are used to align your components and limit any movement. The Mechanical mates are used to simulate real world mechanisms that move your components.

Also in this course, we will show the use of a chain, using the chain component pattern. Though this is not a true mate, it acts much like the actual mates covered in this course.

If you haven’t gone through the SOLIDWORKS Essentials learning path, we encourage you to check those out first, this course will not cover the basics of using mates in assemblies.

Once done with this course you will be able to efficiently use the Advanced and Mechanical mates to ensure your assemblies, big or small, work and look like they would in the real world.