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April 24, 2017
1h 10m

The age-old practice of installing applications just doesn't scale with the needs of a VDI environment. Even automating the process with traditional application delivery tools doesn't solve the problem well. VMware App Volumes is a simple, but remarkable, solution for virtualizing apps into VMDK virtual disks and quite literally attaching them to virtual machines. In this course, VMware Horizon 7: Configure and Manage App Volumes, you'll explore App Volumes' almost-uninterestingly simple installation. First, you'll package up a set of applications into VMDK virtual disks that can be assigned to any VM to which a user connects. Next, you'll see how writeable disks are layered over the top to maintain the capture of user settings. Finally, you'll discover how to package up a couple of apps. By the end of this course, you'll be ready to package and just-in-time deliver all manner of apps into your VMs right as their users login.

About the author
About the author

Greg Shields is an Author Evangelist at Pluralsight.

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Hey, this is Greg Shields and you've found another of my courses in this learning path on VMware Horizon 7, this time on the installation, configuration, and use of VMware App Volumes. I am Author Evangelist and a full-time author here at Pluralsight, and I've been working with VMware's solutions since the days that those virtual machines were nearly always just servers.,

You can treat virtual machines much like you do the desktops and laptops in your offices and cubicle farms. You can install applications and manage the user data directly on top of those individual operating systems. But, doing so ignores all manner of new and exciting technologies that shatter this thing-we-think-of-as-a-virtual-desktop into its constituent components.

In this course, we explore yet another of these technologies, VMware's App Volumes, which virtualizes the delivery of applications using a kind of "just-in-time" approach directly into the virtual desktops we manage. We'll run through it's almost uninterestingly-simple installation. We'll package up a couple of apps. And, with just a couple of clicks, we'll see how App Volumes almost-instantly delivers the right application set for every user onto every desktop.

If you've just been tasked with installing and configuring a Horizon 7 environment in your organization, this course is your first stop in brushing up on those skills for success. And then from here, you'll be ready to continue on the learning path as you configure VMware Mirage, Identity Manager, and vRealize Operations. Let's get started.