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Apr 17, 2017
1h 33m

Windows Roaming Profiles and Horizon Persona Management are tools for centralizing user data, and roaming it across user sessions. However, these tools don't do much for controlling what data gets captured. In this course, VMware Horizon 7: Configure and Manage User Environment Manager, you'll explore how to use VMware User Environment Manager, which separates out application configurations from regular user files. First, you'll develop an understanding on how the tool brings control to the content in user profiles. Next, you'll learn how to utilize the tool by discovering and managing application configurations, a process that involves more time and effort. Finally, you'll explore the consoles of the tool, and how it manages user profiles through its focus on application configurations. By the end of this course, you'll be prepared to reduce your user profile sizes, and decrease login times with some creative UEM management of application configurations.

About the author
About the author

Greg Shields is an Author Evangelist at Pluralsight.

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Hey, this is Greg Shields and you've found another of my courses in this learning path on VMware Horizon 7, this time on the installation, configuration, and use of User Environment Manager. I am Author Evangelist and a full-time author here at Pluralsight, and I've been working with VMware's solutions since the days that those virtual machines were nearly always just servers.

The courses so far in this learning path have focused their attentions almost exclusively on the virtual machines. But users are people too, and their user content is just as important as the applications that create it.

In this course we will:

  1. Extend our exploration into the tools for managing user data by installing and configuring VMware's User Environment Manager.
  2. Dig into it's consoles to see exactly how it slices and dices user profiles with its focus on application configurations.
  3. With this tool in place and a little bit of extra effort, we can dramatically reduce our user profile sizes while reducing the time it takes to finish a desktop login.
If you've just been tasked with installing and configuring a Horizon 7 environment in your organization, this course is your first stop in brushing up on those skills for success.

And then from here, you'll be ready to continue on the learning path as you configure App Volumes, VMware Mirage, Identity Manager, and vRealize Operations. Let's get started.