The story of our lives seem to be etched in stone and we are resigned to live with the consequences of our wounded hearts, broken lives, alienated relationships. What if the story of our lives could be rewritten, our broken lives reassembled, our relationships restored? What if our lives can be graced with a renewed innocence, a reinvigorated vitality, a rebreathed freshness?

Far too often we carry our pain in denial, with resignation, or if we acknowledge our brokenness, do not possess the distant vision or the necessary tools to help us deal with it. Where do we turn to for help? Our family is hurting with us, our friends desire to help but don’t know how, our community is woefully ill-equipped or ignorant of our plight.

In the Middle Ages, ‘sanctuary’, literally ‘sacred place’, was often a church or hospital where those who sought refuge were granted immunity and found rest. Desert Odyssey is a process, a programme, and a place where refuge sought is granted, healing for spirit, mind, and body desired is tended, and transformation needed is effected.

Desert Odyssey is a process to bring about transformation, a programme that provides a map to navigate this journey, and a place of generous and radical hospitality where transformation is lived out. Desert Odyssey is to help us traverse the desert of our own painful and bewildering experiences. It is being able to start anew, our lives re-storied, our brokenness re-membered, our relationships re-conciled. It is a journey of discoveries and conversations.